• Gold Medal
    Reward: ¥50,000
    Trophy + Certificate
  • Silver Medal
    Trophy + Certificate
  • Bronze Medal
    Reward: ¥10,000
    Trophy + Certificate
  • Merit Award
    Trophy + Certificate
  • Nomination Award
1.If the gold medal winner and silver medal winners want to join XCMG, they will have the opportunity to visit and learn from XCMG’s European institutions (German and European Research Center, Germany Schwing Company, Germany FT Company, Netherlands AMCA Company) and Germany RED DOT Design Museum.
2.Winners who meet employment conditions have the opportunity to work in XCMG.
3.Potential participants will be chosen by XCMG professionals for coaching, and may receive an internship opportunity.
4.The participants who win the nomination award will get the certificate issued by Jiangsu Industrial Design Association.
Organization Award 3

Bonus of ¥10000 + Trophy + Certificate

The award is selected from the universities according to the organization level, number of participants, and quality of entries.