Terms and Conditions

1.The competition is free of charge. The transport costs and the room and board expenses of the finalists are borne by the enterprise.

2.The bonus of the competition is pretax amount, the enterprise will withhold and remit tax for the prize-winners according to the law.

3.The participants should ensure the entries are originally designed by themselves (or their own team), and are not copied from other’s works or designed by other units or individuals; at the same time, the participants should ensure the entries are not submitted to other design competitions or are used or published on other occasions.

4.Any dispute caused by that the participants copy and plagiarize other people’s works and steal the business secret is not related to the enterprise, the responsibility should be taken by the participants. Meanwhile, the enterprise has the right to disqualify the participants and withdraw the awards related.

5.The enterprise has the right to display, publish, and promote the entries. 

6.The detailed requirements, rules, and arrangement of the competition will be made and announced by the organizer. The organizer reserves the rights to the final explanation of the competition.