Design Criteria
Environmental cleaning
Equipment for the cleaning of roads and the ancillary facilities.
Solid waste treatment equipment
Equipment for the collection, transport,
storing,and disposal of household garbage and construction waste.
Environmental management equipment
Equipment for prevention of water,
air and soil pollution.
Participant qualification

Undergraduate students of
universities in China and abroad

Publics who love creative design

All the qualified people can attend the competition as individuals or teams. The number of people in one team should not be more than 5.
Requirement of submission
1.No quantity limitation for submission.
2.The works submitted should be JPG file with the size of A2 (594mm*420mm) and the resolution of 300dpi. Each piece of works is limited to no more than 3 pages, and the template of the design drawing can be downloaded from the competition website. The works includes machine effect drawing, three view drawing, structural principle drawing, detailed drawing, etc, of which, the machine effect drawing and three view drawing are not limited in the technique of expression, any forms like hand painting or 3D rendering can be adopted if it can express the creative design clearly and completely; the structural principal drawing and detailed drawing should completely express the operating principle and process, and the questions discovered and how to solve them through the design.
3.Except submitting the standard format according to the stipulation, the participants can also submit videos and physical models to better display the design works.
4.If the participants also submit the models, the participants shall be responsible for the submission and transport of the models by themselves. For the models of high value, please insure the models and inform us in advance.
5.The following contents should not appear on the design drawings: the unit where the participant is from, participant name (including English name or abbreviation of Pinyin), or any icon or figure related to the participants, otherwise, the participants will be disqualified.
Download the Template